BrewPF is a new way of visualizing your favorite craft beers. It's great for comparing relative strength, taste and color of brews. It's inspired by inverse pole figures used in crystallography to visualize crystal orientations.

image/svg+xml Color (SRM) Bitterness (IBU) Strength (ABV)
Beer, books sketch

IPF what?

Inverse pole figures (IPFs) work somewhat like maps. Imagine you have a point on the globe. How could you show its position on a flat map? One way would be to draw a line from that point to the south pole on the globe and use the point where that line intersects the horizontal plane. For a beer, its three characteristics - color, alcohol content and taste can be used to represent a point on the "Beer globe". Then project that point on a 2D map to get a beer IPF or brewPF*.

*I am taking artistic liberty here. Actually you need only two quantities to locate a point on a unit sphere (think lattitude and longitude). To represent three quantities, I additionally use the marker size. A projection of the positive octant in 2D would give a quarter-circular IPF. I am forcing the projection to occupy the pizza-slice shape, which looks lot cooler than a quarter-circle.

15768 microbrews from coast to coast

Brewery locations on US map

Beers stand out by color and taste, but not by strength

IPF point color by beer color

Color based on SRM

IPF point color by beer taste

Color based on IBU

IPF point color by beer taste

Color based on ABV

Stouts and IPAs stand out. Lagers? Not really..

Stouts which are darker, are clustered near the Color pole. IPAs are bitter and so they are near the Bitterness pole. Lagers tend not to stand out because they are mild in color, strength as well as taste.


IPF point color by beer color


IPF point color by beer taste


IPF point color by beer taste